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My writing scores a goal!

Leading Bible Class: Mark

How My Town Became a City in the 1800s

It was a beautiful day when I got a newspaper, and it said gold had been spotted.  Take a route on a boat, or go through the land, and you can get to California and maybe find some gold at… Continue Reading →

I am the Brightest Star

I am the Brightest Star   I glow like lava. I play laser tag with the stars. I dance with the wavy black night sky. I laugh with the stars. I swim with the inky night sky. I draw with… Continue Reading →


Animals Cute, cuddly Charming, stunning, amazing Soft, warm, healthy, yummy Helping, shading, filling Pretty, colorful Plants

Sketchnotes from Heaven for Kids


STEAM Sewing with Mrs. Shedd

My Wonder Project: How Does Electricity Get to My House?

Ode to My Mask

Ode to My Mask   Oh, mask! You are so clinging And so pretty! You suffocate me with love. I can’t breathe when I’m around you. Oh, mask! No one can see my secret smile When I’m together with you…. Continue Reading →

If You’re Not From the Woods

If You’re Not From the Woods   If you’re not from the woods, You’ve never heard the brook babbling  Or the bubbles and the rush of the water, The water everywhere, The smell of the water in the air. You’ve… Continue Reading →

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